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Student's Testimonials


"I love all types of travel, from independent to group tours and enjoy planning, researching, budgeting processes almost as much as the destination. I have been fortunate to travel extensively, motivated by my desire to see as much of the world as possible.

I was employed in the public service sector for the last 7.5 years, earning a great wage and working with lovely people. However, I was not satisfied by the work I was doing and thought if I did not pursue my passion now I would remain with my employer until retirement.

As a mature age student, and the mother of a university student, I am aware of the importance of obtaining formal qualifications in your chosen field. Also, my priority was to choose a reputable college which would offer both work experience and assistance with obtaining employment in the travel industry. APTT was the name familiar to me and the professional response to my initial enquiries affirmed my decision to enrol at the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism.

As I complete my course and reflect on the last 5 months I appreciate that all the long hours of study provide a great basis to build my new career. The committed lecturers remained enthusiastic throughout the entire course and our small class of local and international students shared some great experiences including team activities, excursions and industry functions.

My work placement with a tour operator was excellent and I believe my Certificate III in Tourism course gave me the skills to be a real assistance to the business. I was fortunate to be offered a position there as well as another position with a cruise wholesaler. Congratulations to Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism for the wonderful start to my new career!


Ofa Filise
Diploma of Tourism student

"Studying the Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales) course was great, I couldn't believe how enjoyable, how fun and how addictive it was to study. The workload was easy to learn and understanding it was very simple if you actually did your homework.

Meeting the classmates (international and local students) and bonding with them was a big help when we got involved with class group presentations and during study times. The course was more than just about studying we also get together to grab a coffee and have a good laugh!

Another great thing was my lecturer (Frances Matthews) was really connected with the class and in that way help me by making sure that I fully understood the work before I sat my exams. The Lecturers were more than willing to help, even after class hours. I even enjoyed doing my homework... that's because I understood what I was doing but, even if I didn't understand there were small quizzes in class to help you.

Great advice from the lecturer when it comes to Independent study days was that it is not meant for relaxation but a great opportunity to study! It was a big help having an extra day to tune your brain for the exam.

Work experience was excellent; you learn a lot being out there getting a taste for the travel industry. APTT College has got the connections in the travel industry that made my experience one to remember.

...after my six hectic, but enjoyable, months studying the Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales) course I would strongly and highly recommend to any one (wanting to work in the travel industry) to study at the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism.

The course was heaps fun, the class lessons were really good and provided me with useful information for when I enter the travel industry. I am confident when I say this, you wont regret it, I didn't - that's for sure!!!"

Note: Ofa is now employed at American Express Business Travel through the college's Job Placement Program..

Sonya Mathew
Certificate III in Tourism student

"At the end of the Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales) course, I can look back and say with no hesitation that this is the most satisfying thing I have done in 30 plus years of working. The course content was informative and relevant. Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism has more than exceeded my expectations and I now have the knowledge, practical experience and confidence to gain employment in the travel industry."

Note: Sonya is now employed at Renaissance Holidays through the college's Job Placement Program..

Tomoko Asai
International student studying Certificate III in Tourism

"I would recommend to my friends who are interested in travel the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism. At first it was hard for me to study an academic course such as this in English, but if someone is really interested in the travel industry they will be satisfied once doing this course.

The course was enjoyable, at first it was difficult to keep up with the class, but I got used to the work load thanks to the support of my lecturer and classmates. I thought a lot of exams would be hard work but from the class lessons and the exams they helped me gain a lot of travel industry knowledge.

With the course I had the chance to experience work experience in a travel agency which specialized in cruising and a wholesaler. I got to observe and also experience how a real work place in the travel industry operates.

...the class is very interactive, (and) work experience allowed me to explore my imagination and made me interested in the travel industry even more. I realized how important, when dealing clients, attention to detail and their personal information really is."

Working with the staff and asking questions motivated me and gave me lots of incentive to study hard..

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