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Employer's Testimonials


"The Globus Family are a leading tour operator of escorted travel. It is without question that our popular and innovative products are superior to any other, and our need to maintain our reputation for flawless customer service and integrity leads us to the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism for our recruitment needs.

In the past we have utilised recruitment agencies, employment websites, advertised in travel and non-industry publications and placed notices at various travel colleges to source quality Customer Service Consultants. As a valued travel partner, it is the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism that has consistently fulfilled our recruitment requirements.

The Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism understands our business needs and demonstrates this by doing much more than "putting a notice on the board." Not only do we receive a very high caliber of prepared, educated and articulate graduates to interview, we have always experienced frequent and professional communication from the college.

It is this synergy and understanding that exists between our businesses that has taught me to contact the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism first when I have employment opportunities within my team. The Globus Family are proud to contribute to the further development and education of your top graduates".

Matthew Hill
Reservations Manager


"We have found that the standard of training and experience gained at the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism to be so successful that we have employed over four graduates in the last two years from this college.

We also provide work experience for other students attending the college.

We would be happy to endorse this college to anyone looking for professional training in the Travel and Tourism Industry".

Alexander Grant
Managing Director


"As a growing Corporate and Leisure Travel Management Company we feel it’s both essential and imperative to maintain Quality Training of new entrants into the Travel and Tourism Industry.

APTT, Pam Segal and her team have consistently demonstrated that high quality level of training that this industry needs!

I am continually impressed by their ability to keep abreast of the industry changes and even more importantly they implement these changes into their curriculum. APTT College maintains an up-to-speed curriculum that inevitably brings through the ranks good quality Travel personnel and for this service, as an employer, we are most grateful!

I would like to commend Pam Segal on her incredible drive to achieve excellence for her students and seek to match them suitably with an industry employer.

DBT is the recipient of many APTT students over the years both in the fields of participating in the APTT Workers Experience Programme together with taking on board graduates, which have grown with our company into sensational travel consultants.

Of all the Travel Training Colleges that we have worked with in years bygone, APTT is unique in meeting our substantially increased demands. Being asked to provide this testimonial supplies an ideal opportunity to reflect on what is special about the APTT College, Pam Segal and her team; this has enabled APTT to not only meet these much higher industry employee demands, but to do it better every year.

Change is constant. To embrace change and inspire Travel students with collection of skills and tools is a credit to APTT. Their ability to train their students into using these tools for mutual benefit is commendable. Clearly Pam and her team continue to grow the APTT College yet the personal touches, inspiration and enthusiasm still remains.

I particularly appreciate the regular, confidential and very professional advice and HR telephone meetings with the APTT team, that I believe are a strong model of proper business practice.

Often the quality of a business can best be measured through the staff they employ. In this area, APTT is outstanding. APTT’s company training is a model for a contemporary service business.

We have a genuine appreciation for the support we receive from Pam and her staff and wish APTT every success in their nomination for the category of “Best Travel Training Institution”.

Donna Meads-Barlow
Managing Director


"For the last two years we have been pleased to work with the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism. They have developed an understanding of our business and our needs as an employer. When asked, they have sent high quality students to us to interview in order to fill junior positions. Sometimes, it makes it very difficult to choose!

Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism are a credit to the travel industry. The students we have had for either work experience or interviews are knowledgeable and ready for a career in travel. In addition, the professionalism from the college in all my communications with them is second to none and they are glad to hear feedback about the performance of their student… an important factor in continuing the education of candidates as they move into their careers

I would not hesitate in recommending the Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism to both potential students and, employers looking to fill junior positions within their agencies".

Philippa Dudley

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